Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Keeping track..

Since April of this year I've really devoted myself into becoming a better golfer.  This meant really tracking where I was doing well and where I wasn't.  I was looking around and was fortunate to test out Scorecard golf statistics application.  The program tells you a myriad of golf stats of your game as long as you keep track of 6 areas during the course of your round (score, fairway hit, green in regulation, distance of first putt, number of putts taken and your up and down saves..whether successful or not). 

I've been using this for the last six months now and it has been interesting to see where I'm doing ok and where I need to pick it up and do better.  Right now, I'm averaging around 48% of fairways hit on the tee shot, but about 20% of GIR's.  One of the most important areas, in order to break 80, is to increase my GIR percentage to about 50%.

I am an avid member of The golf forum.  The place is very well kept up and has some of the best reviews on golf equipment and other golf related stories and etc.  If you join you may be able to get a trial version to test out for yourself.  I highly recommend it if you are truly serious about getting better and playing to your true abilities.

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