Saturday, September 08, 2012

Most useless item ever invented..

Besides the tiny, button, ball marker that comes attached to your golf glove (and either NEVER use this or just throw it away..immediately), those ridiculous plastic, studded, ball markers have to be the worst golf item ever invented. 

For one, they are not only unbelievably hard to get a hold of in your pocket, but they are nearly impossible to pull out of the green after your put your ball back.  There's even a good chance you'll knock your ball AFTER you try to graciously pry this marker out of the green.  Furthermore, you'll more than likely damage the green by plucking out a few clumps of grass in attempting to pry this "pearl" from the green oyster.

I wonder why they would even create a machine that makes these?  Are they really in demand?  I don't see any reputable golfer to use this ridiculous "marker".  I'm not even fond of people using a dime for a marker, as they always have a tendancy of looking around to locate this needle in the haystack. 

Oh yeah, and those skinny tees are a joke..seriously.  Who would ever want to tee up a ball on top of a tooth pick?  I tried using this one time, and honestly it took me a few seconds to get the damn ball to sit!  I realize the whole "less resistant/friction" thing..but in this case, the end does not justify the mean.

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