Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tilt and Shift progress..

I've read and finished the Tilt and Swing book and it does truly the range for me.  I have to admit that my swing was already a hybrid of the T&S, but without the constant forward weight transfer.  I do have a one-plane swing which is part of the T&S method.  I already have an inside, one-piece, take away with my left arm aligning up with both shoulder.

The problem is for me is that the practice sessions are not transferring over to the course.  I have been truly flushing my irons and getting the purest compression, on the mats, but I just seem to NOT get the same contact on the course.  It has been truly frustrating.  I have decided to give it more more week and if it doesn't come around I'll have to go back to my conventional swing of loading up on the rear leg on the back swing.

The main reason I tried to convert to the T&S is that the T&S gives such a pure contact AND less hitting fat.  The T&S, basically, makes you ground out your iron in front of the ball as you are shifting your weight forward.  It makes perfect sense..but my body is just not doing what my mind wants it too.  I was truly able to also change the height of my trajectory from ball placement..something I was never able to do before with the conventional swing.  Come on T&S!!! Get in my Belly!!

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