Friday, July 21, 2006

Celebrity golfers..

I'm still waiting for my name to get registered with the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) so I can pop my name in and see my handicap index. I was interested at seeing at what some of my fellow office workers shoot so I popped their name into the SCGA Handicap Index Lookup and "Voila!", their full playing history for me to view.

My mind then got curious, or nosy - you choose, and I knew there were numerous celebrity golfers in southern California. I also realized many of them are VERY serious about their golf game. I put two and two together and started punching in names of some of my favorite actors and wow! the PGA Tour slogan says.."These Guys Are Good."

Here are a few "players" in Tinseltown (as of July 1, 2006):

Jack Wagner (1.4)
Samuel Jackson (4.9)
Mark Wahlberg (6.2)
Andy Garcia (9.6)
Bill Gates (20.7)
Ray Romano (14.1)
Kevin James (17.9)
Jack Wagner (1.4)
Craig T. Nelson (6.0)
Clint Eastwood (13.7)
Sean Connery (15.3)
Mel Gibson (23.6)
Kevin Costner (11.2)
Dennis Hopper (17.1)
Joe Pesci (17.2)

I'm proud to say that I'm in the same golf association and I can hang with Raymond and Mr. Bond and can whoop Mel Gibson..give me a call guys.

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