Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A sickness..

I promised not to look at anymore putters and that I am happy with the Scotty Camerons, (yes, plural, I have 2), I have now. Well, with some of the time I've had at work lately, I was browsing through various Scotty Camerons and for some reason the Sante Fe and Laguna models really caught my attention. I really liked the flowing neck of both putter styles.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Red X. Actually, it is my FAVORITE putter and it feels unbelievably awesome with a good weight..but just one more.

Anyway, I couldn't find too many Santa Fe's or Laguna's on Ebay that really caught my eye. I was then checking out The Cameron Collector site, the name says it all right?, and found an absolute gem on their Buy/Sell/Trade section. The Studio Style Newport 1.5 was absolutely gorgeous and it looked very similar to the Sante Fe.

I got a great deal and with the unique lime green paintfill made it a stand out. The putter also has the lime green Scotty Cameron Custom Shop grip and comes with the matching lime green headcover (as pictured above).

I've heard people that buy a Scotty can't only stay happy with one. I absolutely, whole heartedly disagreed and said that I would be more than happy if I just even had one Cameron..well..I was wrong.

Three reasons for getting a Scotty Cameron:

  1. They are incredibly well made and very solid putter.
  2. They are weighted perfect and don't feel light nor heavy..just perfect.
  3. They hold their value.

The putter is one of the most frequently replaced clubs in bag. Instead of buying a Never Compromise to a Yes! to a PING to a ?? I'd highly suggest to anyone getting serious about the game to invest in a Scotty Cameron, period. They can be found for a good bargain these days on Ebay and places like The Cameron Collector. Your putter is going to be the most used club in your bag so you might as well get the best.


mediaguru @ said...

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Anyway, I'm glad my Ping Zing KILLS my opponents and I love putting with it or I'd be a putter ho like many...

GolfNomad said...

yeah..debating whether to go to registered only..what do you think?