Thursday, July 20, 2006

Played hooky..

I played hooky from work this week and played 18 holes. I really wanted to break 90, which would've made it the 2nd time at Rio Hondo, but failed to do so and shot a 94. I was rolling the ball real good but my driving was atrocious. I think I only hit four fairways. What really hurt me was the mess I got into in the bunkers. My bunker play is actually pretty good and I have no worries when I get in one.

I was in three fairway bunkers that I was going for the green in. I not only needed to get out but needed to carry. I hit decent shots, clean, but too strong and I ended up over shooting the green on all occasions. I would say I lost about 3 to 4 strokes because of these errant shots.

I'm still getting use to the 905T and was cutting the ball pretty good but the drives don't seem to be that high for the loft of the driver, 10.5. I wanted to try the new Callaway HX 56 TOUR so I bought a sleeve. It is a very nice ball and plays like the Pro V1..maybe a hair softer..and much softer than the HX TOUR. Hopefully if my digital camera arrives by Friday I'll be able to take some pictures on Saturday.

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