Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where are you Brad?

I finally played 18 holes last Sunday. I did pretty good on the front, got a birdie and played bogey golf, but just blew it on the back and ended up with a 95. I usually play 5 strokes less than the front and thought I was going to be sub-90..NOT!! I'm still getting used to the 905T and it's shallower face, but I can't believe how many times I topped the ball. Fortunately, with the softness of the HX Blue no lasting impressions were left behind on the crown of the driver.

I turned in my scorecards so I should have an index with the men's club soon. I'm excited to play in some upcoming events soon.

I wass thinking about all the Scotty Cameron putters I acquired recently. I laid them on my bed and it was quite a sight. I should've taken a picture of the "family". I debated whether to keep them all or sell them. I decided to sell the Studio Style Newport 1.5 and the Studio Stainless Newport 2.5. I really do love the neck design of the Newport 1.5 and 2.5's but it's just not a Laguna or Santa Fe. I'll keep the Studio Design 2.5 because I dig the Pearl Black finish.

I sold the Newport 2.5 in a matter of hours. I actually went to change the auction from a "Buy It Now" to a "No Reserve". For some reason my changes weren't taking effect. The putter had sold during the time I was tinkering around with my Ebay ad..crazy. The Newport 1.5 is a true "NO RESERVE" auction. Let the market bear it's price.

I'm looking to get an IBBF. "What's That?!?!" It's short for "Inspired by Brad Faxon" A collectible Scotty Cameron..aren't they all ?!? but I just figured I could kill two birds with one stone and get a Laguna style, which the IBBF is, with a little touch. On the back "bumper" area it is written Brad huh. They're not cheap and are running from $300 and up, including the original headcover, depending on condition.

I'm debating whether to get just the putter itself, which would be cheaper, or get it with the headcover. I didn't realize the "IBBF" headcover alone can fetch up to $100 or more..gadzooks! (you should see what the cost on some other very highly collectible Scotty Cameron headcovers are going for!! OMG.)

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carrx said...

I'm looking for a Scotty Classic Newport with the black oxide finish. Is there anywhere you are finding these items other than Ebay? I just don't trust most of the sellers on there.