Friday, June 30, 2006

Iron Wood..

I played at a little 9 hole course in Cerritos yesterday. We couldn't get on at our course since they were having a shotgun tournament and booked until 6 pm. We decided to go to Iron Wood G.C. I'd classify it as an "executive" course with only two par 4's (I think they were like 330 yards each) and the rest par 3's (ranging from 100 yards to 154 yards). Not much playtime for the mid irons here and would only play here as a last offense.

We played it twice (I guess it would be a par 58) and I ended up with a 70 (going 7 over for the "front" and 5 over for the "back"). Not sure how to figure this out but I felt I played pretty good for what the course had to offer.

The new driver felt good. Quite a different feeling and sound from the Callaway. You really feel like you hit it with the "thwack" sound it makes, compared to the "PING" sound of the Cally. I would say it sounds like hitting a melon with a baseball bat. I did have to tee it up lower than before, which is probably due to the shallower face. I really did like the "pear" shape head at address and how clean it looked. One thing that bugged me is how tight of a fit the 905's headcover was. You really need to work it to get it on.

I have a feeling the 905T will stay in the bag and the Callaway GBB2 415 will be up on the auctioning block soon.

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