Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yard Sale..

I sold my laser rangefinder this week on Ebay. It really is a wonderful device but I just needed to offset the purchase of my putter that I also purchased. It sold within a matter of hours on Ebay for almost the same price that I bought it for. I then had a thought and was browing through my sports closet and saw a bag full of headcovers. I decided to also see if anyone was interested and sure enough I sold a few of them instantly from placing them in the classifed section on a few golf forums. I sold 3 (a maroon and yellow Scotty Cameron and a silver Mizuno TP Mills) to one person and then a R7 headcover to another person..enough to finance a round of golf.

Oh yeah, I bought a Titleist 905T a few days ago for a price I couldn't refuse. Here's some more info on it. The last time I played with a Titleist driver was the 975D..the one that Tiger Woods made popular in his earlier years. I really had a hard time with it the last I remember..but maybe things have changed..my swing..technology..both? I believe I'm a better player than before so I'm excited to see what's in store.


Greg said...

I need to jump on that train. I have a pile of stuff I need to sell. I always seem to have something more important to do, so I never get my stuff posted.

I had been considering a laser rangefinder for some time, but thery are a bit too pricey. As you found out, you pay close to retail even on eBay.


GolfNomad said...

They retail for $449..if you can find one used go for that. I really don't know why they're so expensive..the laser I guess. I bought mine for $325 used.

Kiwi said...

the 905t's a solid driver. can't say i've ever hit a titleist driver I've really loved though

GolfNomad said...

me neither..I had a 975, twice, and still didn't really like it..if the 905T doesn't workout I'm done with Titleist drivers. They claim it's the most "versatile" driver..haha..