Monday, June 26, 2006

Back to normal..

I played last Saturday..just the back 9. I shot 8 over which is acceptable compared to last weekend's debacle. I received the 905T yesterday and it's in great condition. I know I've mentioned this before but if anyone is looking to for golf equipment check (Swap Shop), before Ebay, first. You can usually get a good deal..I got my 905T for $135, shipped.

I decided to join the Men's Club at my golf course. I've decided instead of having to gamble on whether I'll be able to get off a round in the morning that I'll now be guaranteed, at least once a month, an early tee time for the monthly tournaments..and it sounds like fun.

I updated the "Fun Stuff" section with some new games..couldn't find any golf ones..the paperball in the waste basket one is the closest. Anyway..enjoy

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Jason said...

it's good to hear your hitting well again. I've had those days too where i'll end up with over 50 on 9, but usually the next time I go out I play much better.