Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Geez..it's been awhile now since I've played a full 18 holes. I guess since I've been playing back-9's lately it's taken the edge off but still I yearn for more. I will for sure be playing 18 holes this Sunday..my wife said it's my Father's Day gift. I told her I didn't want anything and actually I'm looking to sell a few things off.

I was busy last weekend buying some furniture for our kids. We ended up going to IKEA and ended up purchasing a couple of drawers. I ended up, obviously, putting the drawers together that night after stuffing my face with carne asada and beer (neighbor had a birthday party)..my god the carne asada was sooooo good. How do they come up with all those stupid names for all stuff that IKEA sells? I hate asking for help and they ask you what product you're referring to..it's the Mermo, Mamo, Mimo, BAH!!

Anyway, needless to say, I was in no condition to put together a drawer system with a million parts that night..but my wife thought otherwise. Also I didn't like the fact of messing with my 12v power drill either in the present state of mind..but oh well. It honestly took me 5 hours to put one drawer together even with the drill, I could only imagine how long it would've taken with a screwdriver..I hate IKEA.

Looks like I got mentioned at Blogger Leaderboard again..yeah. Oh yeah if your're looking to buy a laser rangefinder or a Bettinardi BBX "Mercedes Benz" putter let me know.

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