Monday, June 19, 2006

Worst Ever..

I got to finally play a full round was the worst I've played in months. I started okay with an acceptable bogey as a result from an errant tee shot but it all went down hill from there. The next 3 holes I managed to increase my bogey count to double, triple, quadruple. I repeated this feat the next 4 holes. After that I felt disgusted and just tried to make the best out of it. I would have to place the blame on:

1. Time of play - We played in the afternoon and I normally play early morning.
2. Slow pace of play - There was an unbelievably slow 5-some in front of us.
3. Bad Driving - I hit 5 fairways but the rest were just horrible.

There's no need to go into detail about the round but I ended up shooting 105. UGH! I was playing with 2 friends who were really good, which normally brings my game up, but I just couldn't get it going yesterday. I good drive was followed by a bad second shot..that type of day you know.

One of the guys I was playing with (10 index) usually plays for big money. You could tell his heart wasn't in the round. Anyway the last 2 holes (a par 3 and par 4, respectively) we decided to have a little money on it. We had another group of friends behind us and since the round was so slow and it was late in the day we decided to play the last 2 holes all together.

We decided that the worst 4 scores out of the 7 players on the last 2 holes would buy dinner. I ended up bogeying the par 3 (I hit an embarassing thin shot that managed to get past the red tees) and then getting a par on the last hole. I hit a good drive on the par 4 which was consistently followed by a bad second shot.

I got a lucky bounce that caromed nicely off the driving range fence pole and put my ball smack-dab right back into the center of the fairway..I felt sick but then relieved. I had about 80 yards to the hole and hit an unbelievable, for the day I had, 3/4 wedge to dead-stop and one foot of the hole for a tap in par. With a bogey and par I managed not get stuck with the dinner least got something out of the day.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend to play again.

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