Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was getting ready to play a round last Saturday but this little bug in my head was telling me not to..I haven't done my taxes. I made an effort to dedicate the whole morning in doing my return. I was running into a few problems with the online TurboTax program, but was able to debug it and ended up finishing it Sunday night..hooray.

I received the Callaway HX Pearl's but wasn't able to use them so I'll have to give you guys a report after I play this coming Saturday. I did get to examine them close up and they have this interesting pearl luminescence shimmer to it. The cover seems a little harder than the HX Blue I'm used to playing though.


Rich said...

I'm up all night working on my taxes and just realized that the 15th is a Saturday- Wohoo! That means they aren't due until Monday the 17!

So now I'm back to procrastinating and reading all my favorite golf blogs :)

GolfNomad said...

Do they need to be postmarked by then or actually in their hands..hopefully the latter. :)