Thursday, April 13, 2006

Facelift for my 588..

After reading a few "how-to's" on other various golf forums (GolfWRX and be exact)I decided to take the plunge and "soup up" my old Cleveland 588 RTG 56 deg. sand wedge. Actually, I don't think I would've done it but I was with my wife, she was shopping for Easter stuff, today and we were at Michael's, arts/crafts store, and it turned out they had a bunch of Testor's paints.

After looking at all the colors they had I decided to go with "Flat Yellow". I wanted a little color to go against the natural patina of the wedge. Here's the process:

1. I removed all the original paint..the majority of it was already gone do to use. I ended up just picking the rest out with a tip of one of those utility razors. I heard they sell some goo (solvent) that will take the paint off of anything..which sounded way too scary for me to attempt to use even in the first place..saw bad things could happen.

2. After the paint was all out I cleaned it with some soap and dryed it out with a blow dryer..I'm impatient.

3. I brought out a few toothpicks, round kind, and dipped a little bit of the tip into the paint and then carefully dabbed it into the cavity of where the old paint was.

4. I took out the blow dryer again and started to cure the paint..impatient..but now it's just sitting in a corner of the room drying out on its own.

5. (Tomorrow) Take a wool pad and rub off any of the excess paint..maybe even go over it with a little Acetone (wife's nail polish remover)...WA-LLA!

*IMPORTANT: If you plan on doing this in the house wait until your wife leaves the house.

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