Friday, April 21, 2006

Aeration Conspiracy..

Looks like all the courses in my area are aerating and just letting everything grow out including the fairways..I guess it's that time of the year. I was debating whether or not to play tomorrow but will. I did last week and I just remember the greens were so just felt like a big practice round..and I played pretty good too. It was no use reading breaks but rather distance control. This was probably how they played in the old days anyhow.

One thing that worked in my favor was EVERYHTING checked. Well, not because of some PGA caliber tour spin I imparted on the ball but the greens had so much sand/seedings that it just killed any forward momentum of the ball once it hit. Hopefully it will be a little better tomorrow.

I'm playing with my co-worker, the same one cutting his teeth from my previous post, and it's kind of leaving me a sick feeling again. I've really made a mental commitment today to get into my game and play good. He, once again, wanted a wager on the side. We decided that for every stroke he goes over 100 it's $1 per stroke and for every stroke I go over 80 the same. It seems like a fair bet but from my previous outings with him I play so bad when it's just me and him. We'll see.

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