Sunday, April 23, 2006

I owe $4..

I ended up shooting an 85 and my friend shot a 101 and by our wager I owed him $4 (less the $1 for him going one stroke above 100). I really didn't keep an eye on him to see what he was shooting but have a feeling it was a tad further north of 101.

I was more involved in my game than anything and since his brother in law (also a beginner) was with us I just asked him after each hole what he shot. He was having a hard time anyhow bickering with his brother in law about what each other shot.

I did finally break the evil curse of playing bad when I play with less experienced players. Reflecting on this though the 4th person in our group, a single walk-on, was about my skill level. I was actually playing off of him, so the reason why my head was in the game..maybe the curse isn't really lifted..yet.

I'm actually playing in my first tournament at Oak Quarry next Saturday. I've never played there but I heard it's a beautiful course. It sounded some what serious since they asked what my index was. It's actually for a charitable cause but they're giving away some prizes too.

I just found out that Vijay Singh is going to be on "The Apprentice" on NBC tonight. Looks the the winning team will get to play with Vijay, and "The Donald", at the Trump National GOlf cool is that.

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