Tuesday, April 25, 2006


You guys probably know that I'm fairly loyal to Callaway. It looks like Callaway is now offering the OptiFit Driver System. Basically the fitting professional will have access to 13 FT-3 heads and 23 shafts from the major shaft makers (Aldila, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Grafalloy, UST, Mitsubishi Rayon) for 299 possible combinations. According to Equipment section, Golf Digest May 2006, the OptiFit system includes 2 different clubhead models (Fusion Ft-3 AND the X460) along with 30 shaft options.

These shafts can be quickly switched in and out of the driver head based on customer preference. The retailer/fitting pro can switch out the shafts with a special torque wrench that is used to attach the shaft into the head of the driver. The demo driver the customer eventually selects will mimick exactly the one that will be created for them in the final result according to Callaway.

When I first read about this I got a little ahead of myself and thought that we would be able to buy these special shafts and the driver head with the torque wrench and then mix and match for our own use..now that would be the ultimate..who knows..actually why don't they do that?

Well, Nakashima Golf has done this. Their HTEC driver features a removable CNC milled-aluminum hosel allowing clubmakers to change any shaft in seconds, EVEN after you purchase the driver. The swingweight is ALSO adjustable by using a 10, 12 or 14 gram screw to secure the 460cc forged two-piece titanium head to the hosel. Basically, you would demo the driver and then walk out of the shop that day with your favorite/ideal combination. There's no need to order since the demo club becomes your own and no possible difference if it had to be created like Callaway's Opti-Fit.

After comparing the two though I'd have to say Nakashima has the edge. I just love the idea that the driver and shaft combo you go with can be altered and even re-altered again and again..now this is serious innovation.

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