Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Porsche..there is no substitute.

I occasionally like to frequent and see what Porsche Design has up their sleeves when they put out golf related equipment. They're known quite well for their design element and produce very high end and sleek items all together. Although I could never afford this stuff, they're more like modern art pieces to me.
This device you're looking at right now is their Porsche Golf Trolley or better known to us mortals as a golf cart.
"Magnesium wheels in intelligent design with Porsche Crest. Compatible with Porsche golf-bag, which is mounted easily and securely on the golf trolley using a special adapter set. Comes with standard adapter for all other golf-bag types. Can also be used in conjunction with scorecard holder and umbrella holder. Two trolleys can be stowed in front luggage compartment of Boxster, Cayman S and 911 models."
The retail price is $2050..yes two thousand and fifty dollars..U.S. Oh, and if you want a score card keeper it's an additional $236..yes..two hundred thirty six dollars..U.S. Thank god I can put two of these babies in front of my Carrera..not.
My Sun Mountain was only $189..and that came with a score card holder..delivered. I'm not sure if the Porsche Golf Trolley is any better than your Bag Boys or Sun Mountains out there on the course but I bet online you'll be the fastest (if not the coolest). Who knows maybe you'll play quicker rounds.

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