Monday, May 05, 2008

Call me A.K.

Just one of thousands of blog posts today regarding Anthony Kim's debut PGA Tour victory at Wachovia yesterday. At 22 he is the youngest player to win a PGA event in the last 6 years (the last being Sergio Garcia at the 2002 Mercedes Chamionship). Anthony also broke the tournament record with three shots (-16 under, 272 total) better than the previous tournament Tiger Woods.

They say that the Wachovia is one of the best barometers to forecast future winners on the PGA Tour with such PGA studs like Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk and Vijay Singh as past champions.

I could explain all the personal stuff about him but all I would be doing would be copying from other check out this really good article about him and his rocky beginnings.

There was a little story that went that he and Tiger were out on the range and Tiger kinda' snickered at his "AK" flashy belt buckle. Anthony countered that Nike doesn't make it..yet.

I think we're in to see something special in these years coming up with Anthony Kim and his bravado, panache or whatever you want to call it. The kid has game and is a closer. I predict he will be in the top 10 at next weeks TPC at Sawgrass.

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