Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I like Carlos Franco..

I ask many of my friends who they would like to play with..but preface that inquiry that this person cannot be related to you or Tiger Woods. I've kept a mental rolodex of players I'd like to play with over the years and at anytime has never included Tiger Woods. One person I would like to play with or even just pick the brain of is Carlos Franco..*chime cricket sounds*

Yes, I know he's not the most well known player and I don't even think most people know where he's from. I ask around and most of the golfers I know say he's from Spain. (He's from Asuncion, Paraguay). What really makes me like this guy is how he grew up, his lifestyle and approach to professional golf.

There a good video of him that shows how simple he lives during a tournament and not necessarily in a lap of luxury. Being one of six brothers from a one bedroom "home" and learning how to play from his father, who was a caddy, on a three hole course is nothing short of amazing. I also admire his non-chalant approach to the demands of the PGA Tour. It is well know that his practice "regime" consists of a few balls before the tournament round begins. There have been times where he has gone straight from his car to the first hole tee box which I am, and I'm sure the rest of us, all too familiar with as well.

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