Thursday, April 24, 2008

Titleist AP1

Well, after a slump in wanting to play golf these past few months I decided to go to a local golf store to demo some new sets.

I had my eye on the Mizuno MP 57 but after a few swings with it, I just became honest with myself and said these just demand too much of a perfect swing everytime and just a little too much iron for me..heartbroken.

I told the golf fitter what I was looking for. I wanted my ball to go straight and high..I'm not picky. He told me to try the Titleist AP1. At first I was hesitant as I had my heart set on the MP 57's but that got no where quick (see above) so why not give the AP1's a go.

I'm not a fan of irons that have alot of offset and the AP1's do not. They have a little, but no where near that of a Callaway. He gave me a 6 iron that had the Dynamic Golf HL (High Launch) shaft in R300 flex. My first hit was straight and just took off with a high penetrating flight..not balloon. It was truly effortless and I didn't have to get perfect with it. The 6 iron went as high as my old 7 was honestly beautiful to look at.

As I got more courageous I started to increase some juice on the swings and the only thing it did was that they tended to push a tad..but WELL within an acceptable range. The balls honestly felt like I was hitting marshmellows. The elastomer insert probably adds to this feeling, but if you hit it on the toe you will know.

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to golf equipment and have NEVER bought a new set. These Titlest AP1's were just perfect and I am so excited to get fitted..tomorrow!

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