Monday, September 04, 2006


I was able to get an early tee time last Saturday and played 18 holes. I was determined and focused to play well that day and really felt I was ready to play good. I actually played the back 9 first then played the front 9. What surprised me was that the back 9 plays easier than the front 9 but I scored better on the front which I've never done. I only hit 5 fairways, but the rest were just off so not that bad either. I hit 6 GIR's and made 1 birdie and 5 pars. The rest were bogies and I got a double. I was hitting some of the best cuts in a long time. I'm really getting to appreciate the quality of the 905T. I did notice that it does have a boring trajectory and doesn't "baloon" into the sky like the Callaway GBB2. I was really able to feel the head coming through that day.

To make a long story short I carded an 83 which is the lowest I've shot at Rio Hondo. I was able to scramble really well that day. A first for me was when I drove one into the water and took the penalty and was still able to make par. I was about 165 out, side uphill lie in rough, and manged to hit it about 2 feet from the hole with a one-putt..nothing less than unbelievable for me.

I have to say that I learned a couple things that round. One, bad players will not get me down. Two, I can also play well if I ride a cart. I would say I was grouped with 3 of the worst players I've played with together in a long time. Usually this has a tendancy for me to bring my game down also but I managed to keep my head in the game. I was also surprised that the riding in cart didn't effect me either. Usually it seemes like walking allows me to get into my overall swing tempo sooner than later. One of my swing thoughts that day was to pause at the top which did wonders.

I also got a chance to try out these tees called Stinger. They look like normal tees but are about half as thin in diameter compared to your standard tees..felt like the ball was on a toothpick.

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They felt great and I did notice less resistance on my drives. I'm planning on buying a big bag of them soon. I've tried Zero Friction but have to say that these Stingers seemed to perform better. One con was that they tended to break in half quite easily compared to your standard tees, but for the performance you get it's worth it.


Jason said...

interesting. i might have to try some of them out...

GolfNomad said...

..yeah..make sure you get the "COMPETITION" ones..they make a bigger one..but the thin one is the best.

Scott said...

I always wondered what the "S" was for on top of those tees. A few of the courses I play have these pre-loaded in the carts and I always grab for these before reaching in my bag for some.

I wonder if they really do make a difference.

Hack Golfer

GolfNomad said...

I do notice there's less resistance off the tee..just feel a little lighter..but maybe that's just me. One thing I noticed is sometimes it's hard to get the ball to sit down on the tee if the ground isn't firm. I had to actually use two hands a few times.