Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Irons..

I recently acquired a new/used set of the Titleist 775 CB. I was contemplating to get them or not but I really wanted to try some new technology and also I've never tried Titleist for irons. I know they have a great reputation and their craftsmanship is nothing less than perfect.

I was comparing them side by side to my Callaway X-14 Pro Series the other night and as far as overall size goes they're the same. The only difference I saw was the 775 has a slimmer topline and less rounded toe than the X-14 PS. My current shaft is the Rifle FCM 6.0 which I think they're a tad to stiff/firm for me..but I've been getting by with them fine. The 775 has the stock NS Pro in (R) which I hope will elevate my ball height compared to the FCM 6.0's which definitely has a lower trajectory.

I'm going to play on Saturday to test the 775's out, but the main event is on Sunday morning. I'm playing with 2 of my old time friends and I always seem to play bad when I'm with these guys. Depending on how I play with the 775's on Saturday will dictate if they will be in play on Sunday's match or back to the time tested X-14 PS. Even just by my statements alone I should just play with what I know works but I'm always a victim of new technology on any given day.

I also got my dream putter a few days ago. It's a Scotty Cameron Newport Beach 1.5. It is sweet and has a neat "thud" sound at impact.

I also love the 1.5 necks. The crazy thing is I'm going to buy another Newport Beach 1.5 because it's a good deal..I'm sick I tell 'ya. Depending how things go I may switch to all Titleist. I've been hitting my 905T a ton and in control. The only thing I'm missing now is a Vokey sand wedge..mmmm..I'm liking those Spin Milled ones too. Maybe also replace my hybrids for the 503h but I've heard they're not that great from the rough..where I tend to frequent alot.

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