Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jiangbo Han..

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You may ask or might have already done a Google on Jiangbo Han. No, he/she is not an up and coming star on either the PGA or LPGA tour and not a dominant player overseas or a top-notch collegiate level player. I got scammed/ripped off by Jiangbo Han (Ebay seller name was date0) yesterday on a purchase I made for a TaylorMade R7 460 driver.

This criminal scammer put the fraudulent Ebay BIN (Buy It Now) auction up and I bit..hook..line..and sinker. I consider myself pretty savvy, well..not anymore, in spotting bogus auctions. Everything looked pretty good and I don't buy from overseas at all. The seller was actually based out of Pocatello, ID (Mary Kay Sherburne) and it all looked good.

I made all the proper notifications through Ebay/PayPal (they're the same). I actually did find the email for Jiangbo Han when I went into my PayPal account. His email and PayPal account was based in China..wonderful..to this hour, date I have not received any replies..go figure that.

Hindsight being 20/20, there were a few "red herrings" that I should've picked up on but didn't look deep enough. Look out for these eyebrow raisers:

No Feedback from "Buyers": My scammer had decent positive feedback (98%) but all the feedback were from Sellers..odd.

Cheap Shipping: The scammer listed it as worldwide low-cost shipping BUT the same price as domestic.

Same Item Picture/Different Ebay ID seller: This is usually a dead giveaway but this scammer used the same photo in another BIN auction.

I'm sure there are other dead giveaways but this guy had his ducks lined up. I'll still buy from Ebay but less likely from individual seller's..live and learn..and Jiangbo Han..if you're reading this..I want my money back..or at least $190 worth of broccoli and beef.

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Scobal said...

I was recently scammed by Jiangbo Han and have just received a full refund from him. Heres how:

Note: This will only work if you have payed via Paypal.

Note: Do not contact the ebay seller as Jiangbo works of hacked accounts. All communications in the following steps should be done through the paypal resolution centre.

1. Once you realise you've been scammed be patient and wait until your fake golf club arrives. With Paypal you can only file a complaint about an item not being delivered or an item not being as described. If you complain about it not being delivered then he will simply provide a shipping id to paypal and the case will be closed.

2. When your golf club arrives feel free to take it out and do whatever you want with it. Maybe take some pictures of it but this isn't necessary.

3. File a complaint with Paypal about the item not being as described. Make sure you say that it is a fake and you have had it confirmed as a fake by a reputable source (Golf club professional, golf store etc)

4. Now you must wait for Jiangbos response. If all goes well he will offer a full refund and supply the address to send it to. Although this sounds a touch hopeful it is actually very likely to happen. If Jiangbo does not supply an address the Paypal dispute will be closed in your favour.

5. Now to scam the scammer! From the UK to send the golf club back to china with a tracking id will cost around £30-40. This is far too much and this shipping cost will not be refunded. A much better (and cheaper, about £2!) solution is to send a match box in an envelope with a tracking number. It is VERY important that you retain this tracking number.

6. Once you have shipped this you need to enter the details into the dispute on paypal. You may also have to fax a copy of the tracking receipt to paypal. If your tracking receipt has a weight on it try and avoid showing this to paypal as it may look suspicious.

7. This package should arrive to Jiangbo and fingers crossed someone at their warehouse will sign for it. If this happens then the paypal dispute will be updated to say that paypal are now investigating the case.

8. If all has gone to plan you can sit back and wait for your refund! Mine took around 6-8 weeks for the entire process.

Hope this helps and good luck to everyone that's been scammed by this guy.