Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They arrived..

I ordered a couple of funky looking grips on Ebay last week. I wanted some color and my sand wedges (Cleveland 588 Gun Metal 51 and 56 deg.) needed to be regripped. I was going to get them regripped with the red/black Winn G8 (like I did with all my irons recently..oops sorry forgot to post about that) but decided to do something different.

I was looking for a funkier color and ran across these grips from IOMIC. They are reported to have some kind of beneficial "ion" properties and that they emit a low level amount of "healthy" radiation, but beneficial to overall health, that improves my metabolism. I'm sure radiation will "improve" alot of things.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

No wonder my short game is out of whack..I've mismanagaged my ions..RADIATION?!?!. They look like big ol' carrots to me..

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Anonymous said...

Iomic grips are awesome!!! Not cheap but these are best option out there in my opinion so worth the cash. Got mine from the bright golf company in UK. Everybody thinks they look cool but the feel great to me and give me confidence over the ball.