Thursday, August 31, 2006

Going to the "Chop Shop"..

Actually these two putter heads will be destined to the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. I figure they are going to cost me about $250 for both for a full restore, but I got the putters fairly cheap so..

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I don't have any reshafting equipment at the house but I read some tips at The Cameron Collector. There's a DIY section and it said I could also use a gas stove..which I do have. I basically placed the head right on top of the flame for a few minutes. Then I gently stepped on top of the head and pulled the shaft right off. If anyone plans to do this just REMEMBER THAT THE HEAD IS EXTREMELY HOT. I placed mine on top of a towel on the floor and was wearing my running shoes..remember it's VERY HOT..think of a branding iron..yes..HOT.

My only problem is to determine to just restore them back to original specs or "customize" it with various paintfills and the custom stampings and colorful grips.

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