Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 billion dollars and counting..

Maybe I'm late to all of this and I couldn't see too much buzz on the Golf Channel but looks like this is the end with Tiger and Elin Woods. Looks like "The Man" is out and on the prowl..literally..as he was spotted partying with one of his former..well I guess not former now..mistresses.


This fiasco has reportedly cost shareholders of American Express, Gatorafe, Gillette and Nike 12 billion dollars.

The study focused on nine sponsors: Accenture; American Express; AT&T; Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf (Electronic Arts); Gillette (Proctor and Gamble); Nike; Gatorade (PepsiCo); TLC Laser Eye Centers; and Golf Digest (News Corp.). Overall, the researchers figure the scandal reduced shareholder value in the sponsor companies by 2.3 percent, or about $12 billion.

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