Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chill out man..

I just caught this off of Yahoo this morning:

MELBOURNE, Austrailia (AP)

The low point came at the 13th.

Woods had played the par-5 12th nearly perfectly until he badly missed a 5-foot birdie putt. Still steaming, he opted for driver off the tee at the 354-yard 13th, especially with the pin to the back right of the green. The only place he couldn’t afford to hit it was to the right.

It went well to the right.

Woods slammed the head of his driver into the turf, and it bounced up and into the gallery to the left. One surprised fan caught the club and returned it.

“That was my mistake,” Woods said. “I got hot after a bad tee shot and let go of the club.”

Read the whole story here:

Tiger would've been "The Man" if he gave the driver to the individual it went flying that would've been cool. Isn't that what they do in all sports anyhow..the spectators get to keep what comes to them..c'mon dude.

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