Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New addition..

Maybe this is my year but I got REALLY lucky and was able to get my hands on a Newport 2 Center Shaft Prototype, yes..another Scotty Cameron. They only made 2004, the year it was made, of these and it's rare. It is not new but in great condition and thus I don't have any heartache in actually using it as a gamer.

As you can see it is a center shaft putter with a "Newport" head..quite unique looking. It is more face balanced which allows for folks with a straight back and through The previous owner supposedly tried to put some aftermarket "black oxide" finish on it but you can't put any finishes on a stainless steel putter..just doesn't stick. Anyway it now has a rustic, weathered look to it..but in great shape though.

I also got a new Scotty Cameron headcover today. I'm a member of "Club Cameron" which entitles me to early dibs on new headcover releases. The 2007 "Hula Girl" commemorates the 2007 Sony Open in Hawaii and it was released today to the members of "Club Cameron". Scotty Cameron has been putting out these "Hula Girl" covers for about the last 4 years now and they have been quite a collector's item.

It isn't available to the general public yet..just to "Club Cameron" members. The "hula girl" headcover have still been some of the most coveted headcovers produced by Scotty Cameron and I'm sure this one will also be nonetheless in high demand.


Patricia said...

The headcover is adorable!

GolfNomad said...

Now why does that not surprise me. ;) *wink*