Friday, January 26, 2007

The collection is complete..

After a long an exaustive search all over I finally found the last remaining pieces to my puzzle:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The first is a 2nd generation Scotty Cameron Sante Fe TeI3 without the elastomer around the face. The second is a rare TeI3 "sole stamp" as the bottom of the putter is stamped "TeI3" instead of the face. The story on the "sole stamp" versions were these were produced before the line went into full production, thus giving it their rarity.

I had a TeI3 before but sold it for some dumb reason but one thing I still remember was the wonderful weight of the head. If you guys have a chance to grab one I highly suggest it..and they'll hold their value.


Greg said...

"The collection is complete.."

So... that means you're going to stop buying/selling/trading SC putters?

Yeah, right!!!

Ha ha,

GolfNomad said...

for now I'm's a decent OTR (off the rack) collection and I can play every one of them without worrying about scratches, etc..can you tell I'm a fan of the Sante Fe necks.