Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You know you love golf when.. have four (4) subscriptions to golf magazines. Right now I subscribe to:

  1. Golf Digest
  2. GOLF
  3. GolfWeek
  4. GOLF for Women

..and honestly I have to say out of all the four, I enjoy GOLF for Women the most. I'm not sure if girls are smarter but the overall layout of the magazine is easier on the eyes and have enough information without over analyzing every, minute, aspect of the game and/or technique. The biggest difference, obviously, is that most of the stories are on women golfers but I actually enjoy reading on LPGA tour players as well.

Although they do have a good deal of articles on the latest womens golf fashions, skin care, etc they honestly do seem to have better gadget reviews than the mens golf magazines. Although I will never be able to relate, or buy, to the functional "value" of a Hermes cashmere wrap (scarf), $1,975, or a Salvatore Ferragamo gray leather weekend tote with yellow trim, $1,300 (wait the scarf costs more than the bag?!?).

I also like the fact that every month there is a new "golfer" on the cover, and not necesarrily an LPGA tour pro, that is the featured golfer of the month. This month, Jan./Feb., has Sharon Stone on the cover which should be an interesting read..last month was Ivanka Trump (daughter of "The Donald")..and ahem..just check it out if you can find

Now you may ask me why am I looking at female golf instruction if I'm a guy..right? Well, I see it this way, if I'm looking at the side-by-side photos of Vijay Singh's swing, who's swing I'll never be even able to replicate, I think there is nothing wrong from looking at Natalie Gulbis' swing (this month's swing profile) who could whoop my butt in golf anytime..and also who I don't mind looking at in the first can you beat that..? and that Stina Sternberg has her own section. Oh..yeah..there's some gal named Annika Sorenstam and Se Ri Pak giving pointers too.

Although I still rely on Golf Digest and GOLF for most of my instructional golf mumbo-jumbo I'd have to say that GOLF for Women is the perfect complement to these "guy" golf magazines.


John B. said...

Funny thing...I read quite a few golf magazines...I am beginning to hate all of them for their 'next great swing tip' sections.

Every month a new swing tip 'guaranteed to add 15 yards to your drive' or 'slice no more'.

I think we spend too much time in this country trying to get everyone to swing the club the exact same way...a 'perfect swing'. Look at the greats...Nicklaus, Palmer, Trevino, etc. they all had swings less than perfect, and their games were as close to perfect as you can get.

Used to be you could tell who a golfer was by how the swung the club, now you can line up 20 golfers who aren't Tiger or Mick and you can't tell them apart without a scorecard.

Also, the club prices in the mags are outrageous, but that is a rant for another time...

Greg said...

I agree John. I dropped my subscription to GOLF MAG because I don't need all those swing tips.

Then again, I do like to try to communicate the things that have worked for me with the hope that someone would benefit.


patricia said...

How about Jim Furyks swing...let's all try to replicate that, LOL.

I totally agree that Golf for Women is a fine publication. They get it just right with their mix of serious and fluffy golf stuff.

FYI - I can totally relate to the value of the Hermes wrap and the Ferragamo bag though. Guess it's a venus thing.

GolfNomad said...

you can splice and resplice the perfect swing so many times right..? I'm more of a fan for the quirks and tidbits I am able to pull from these. I have to say that GD is a tad heavier reading than GOLF..thus the "digest".

I say if you're a decent golfer these magazines are more of enjoyment for the game than anything.