Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Latest acquisitions..

I just picked up a couple of Scotty Camerons recently. I got a Santa Fe in a Gun Blue
and then another Santa Fe in the Oil Can finish. I currently play with a Newport Beach 1.5 and it too has the classic "Santa Fe" flowing neck. Now if you're asking me if I need all these Scotty Camerons..no..but that's like asking a baseball card collector the same thing..no?

Santa Fe Gun Blue
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Santa Fe Oil Can
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I'm looking to get a couple more soon to finish the set. I'm looking at the Santa Fe TeI3 and then the Studio Style Newport 1.5 and that is REALLY going to be it! Here's one that I'm selling..

Laguna Oil Can
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..I know..they look like a bunch of old putters..

I feel so bad for not wishing you guys a happy Thanksgiving..so Happy "belated" Thanksgiving. I played last weekend, just the back 9, and nothing worth writing about..so I won't.

I also got some new headcovers..yes, plural..for my driver. They're made by Daphne's Headcovers. I first got a Rabbit..but then wanted the Pig..my Chinese Zodiac symbol..although I'm not Chinese. I then saw the Shark and then a cool looking Pelican..something drew me to these also. I was actually surprised I was able to stand them up in this way to take a photo..almost seem lifelike..no..?

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What also really drew me to them was the high quality design of them. I believe there are a few PGA Tour pro's that also use them. ..somebody uses one that looks like a Tiger. I've always wanted to get one when I saw them at my local Sport Chalet but always said "next time"..we'll now I have 4 of them. They're about $25 but guaranteed for life by Daphne's Headcovers. They have a tag inside them with even the number you can call if you have any problems with it..now that's service.


John B. said...

A serious question...not a knock or anything on the putters.

Are the Scotty Cameron's really that much better from a putting or feel standpoint? The prices that I have seen on them seem really really high, even for golf equipment / putters?

Is is a performance premium or a visual appeal that causes the high prices?

I have never tried one of his putters and don't know anyone who plays with or owns a Cameron...so I have no direct experience with one of his putters.

patricia said...

I love your club cover menagerie. You better hope they get along though or the shark might be having the pig for dinner. ;O)

GolfNomad said...

Hi John..I used to say the same thing but now I'm more of a serious enthusiast. From a technical standpoint they are really well balanced and their OTR (off the rack) putters feel really nice.

I personally like to collect them, trade, barter..there are forums like "The Cameron Collector" where you wouldn't believe the Cameron stuff out there. I like the camaraderie amongst us collectors the most.

I think they're beautifully well made. You figure that it's the most widely used club in your bag..get something good. You should try out a Cameron Newport Beach..feel for yourself.

I agree with you..they all roll the rock the same..but for me it inspires confidence and puts a serious perspective on the game when I putt.

If you haven't tried one..try one..but be careful..you may not be the same after..


Patricia..the funny thing is they seem so lifelike..I use the piggy right now..I was cracking up when I took the picture..surprised how they stayed like that for the picture.

tyler said...

any interest in selling the santa fe gun blue? let me know. i have been trying to find one to use on the course. email me at jaques@sonoma.edu.