Friday, December 29, 2006

Callaway X-20

As a Callaway nut I'm always trying to see what's on the horizon out of Carlsbad, CA. (This is where Callaway is located). Anyway here's a picture of the lastest irons that will be hitting the stores for next The biggest difference is that there is no longer the bore-thru hosel design which has been so indicative of Callaway. I have a feeling these will sell like hotcakes.

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"Callaway's X-Series irons have always featured two models. One is offset, while the Pro-Series has less offset on the face and shafts to enable the ball to be hit on a lower trajectory, but essentially the two have the same design. They have broken that mould though with the X-20 Tour irons. A shorter blade length, narrower sole, thin top-line, square toe and a more traditional hosel top the list of changes to the Pro-Series model. In fact, every improvement the tour guys requested on the forged X-Tour model. Plus, you get the new Project X-Rifle flighted shafts as standard. Golfers looking for something even more traditional from Callaway can look forward to a forged iron, which will be out next year."


Artful Golfer said...

I'm planning to get a set. I have a friend who works at Callaway in Carlsbad who gets great discounts! BTW, I started a golf blog at www.artfulgolfer.comto journal my new experiences with golf. I've also listed you in my 100+ golf blogroll at

Anonymous said...

I have custom orderd a set from a Callaway rep and expect the irons here on the 15th of January. I let you know how they hit-em.

GolfNomad said...

I enjoy reading your blog AG, but wish you had added a reply/comment section. The Morro Bay course looks unbelievable.

Artful Golfer said...

Thanks GN, I'll try to get comments integrated this weekend... just need to get all the css coded.