Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rennaissance Golfer..

A good friend of mine brought me this golf gift below when he was working in Rome, Italy for about a year. He said he saw it in one of those quaint stores along a cobblestone street along his way to work. When I first received it I had no idea how it was used. I saw the tees and that it held golf balls and just thought it to be a keepsake. On the other side there is a luxurious belt loop..a-ha. He told me that this is to be worn on the hip.

I thanked him for the wonderful gift and it has remained on top of my bookshelf since. It really is a beautifully handcrafted piece. I could see it now, back on a golf course in somewhere in Italy, that these maybe the rage with the upper class, nobility. In my case I just don't have the proper "attire" to don this piece de resistance to complement my accoutrement. He just started playing golf recently this year and I am tempted the next time I play with him to wear it for him.

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