Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Callaway Crazy..

I think I'm getting brainwashed by Callaway marketing. It seems lately, since I replaced my irons to the Callaway X-14 Pro Series, I've been leaning toward using everything by Callaway. Besides their golf equipment, I also really like most of their other products.

I think they have the best looking golf shirts and clothing. I don't think TaylorMade (I believe Adidas is under the TaylorMade brand now though) or Titleist make their own shirts..and just putting your name on some generic golf shirt (i.e. Cutter and Buck or Ashworth) doesn't count. I don't buy stuff because it's trendy or it's the "must have" item of week, month, year. If that was the case I'd be playing with some version of the R7 or some Titleist driver. My trusty GBB 415 is just fine..anytime..anyplace.

Callaway seem to really do well with their clothing line and always seem very high quality. I own a couple Callaway shirts..they're not cheap..but very high quality. My wife actually bought me a cool blue Callaway golf shirt out of all places, Costco, for around $25. I'm going back there this weekend to pick up a few more colors. (Costco has been selling some really good clothing lately. I bought a pair of "dirty" Calvin Klein and Lucky Brand for $29 each.) I'm not a fashionista by any sense but it's my only day of the week where I get to look presentable.

My hybrids, wedge, putter, shoes are still OTC (Other Than Callaway), Wilson Hb5, Cleveland 588, Yes! Tracy, Foot Joys, respectively, but my socks, gloves, balls and bag are by Callaway. Actually I only own one pair of Callaway socks..the rest being Foot Joy socks. I also like Callaway golf shoes but their sole seems rather thick like the Oakley golf shoes. I actually like some of their watches too. One good thing now is I don't need to look all over for different manufacturers and styles the next time I'm looking for golf gear.

I honestly think Callaway denotes serious but fun golf..hey, maybe if they're, Callaway, reading this they can use that as their next marketing slogan. It could be something like "Callaway, seriously fun."

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