Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Isn't One Enough..

I just started getting GOLF magazine today. Lord knows I don't need "another" golf magazine, but after I read an issue at LAX last month, dropping off my brother in law, I really enjoyed how "simple" and entertaining it was.

I never really paid attention to GOLF magazine until I read their last issue and noticed how different the two really were. Although it lacked the serious articles and interview I love Golf Digest for, GOLF magazine covers the rest of the golfing hodge podge. I like it's quirky articles and tid bits currently in the golf kingdom that Golf Digest doesn't really cover.

I'm not sure if the issue I received today, Februrary, is the current issue or last month's but take for example in "The Starter" section, page 23. There's a quick one page article called "My Favorite Thing" and it shows Shigeki Maruyama holding up a $20,000 watch of his (Audemars Piguet), one of 40, and grinning. They quoted him saying "Your watch? It's thin, not thick like mine. It looks cheap-like an old man's watch!"..I'm sure it sounds funnier in Japanese.

"I love to shop. I'll spend $150,000 a year on clothes. I never wear the same golf shirt twice. The most I've spent in one day is $30,000. My favorite brands are Boss, Dolce & Gabanna and French Connection. My son is 5. He wears Diesel and D&G Junior. We both like shoes-John Lobb, Hermes. I own more than 100 pairs. There's no place at my house to store them anymore! I don't wear a lot of what i buy. I'll practice, go shopping and forget I have it."

The overall layout seems less rigid than Golf Digest also..a little more hip. One part I don't agree with is their "comic book" look they have in their instructional section, "Private Lessons". I just like to see "real" photos of people, not renditions, in the act and this is where Golf Digest shines.

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