Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The World According to John Daly..

I just watched the 2nd episode of "The Daly Planet". The highlights of this episode (from last years British Open) portray JD's dismay of playing practice rounds . It was cool to see the banter between him and Vijay Singh during the practice round. One of the funnier moments, I thought, was when they show Vijay and JD waiting to hit. JD is spewing his dislike of practice rounds and complaining to his caddy how long it's going to take to finish. Vijay comes back, in his dry, serious, voice: "Then you will never be a champion." There was a pause and both players are looking at each other. I couldn't tell if JD was pissed but then he just cracks up and walks to his ball.

I was surprised to know he and Pat Perez were close buddies. Pat flew in with John and his wife, Sherrie Miller Daly, on a private chartered jet plane to the British Open in the show. What really surprised me was that they showed the betting between him and Pat during the practice round. You can see when they're done they show Daly paying off this one guy, don't know who it was..maybe Pat's caddy, and then the camera pans to Pat and he's like running away when John shoves the money at him to take it..probably because the camera was on..but it's behind-the-scene stuff like this that makes "The Daly Planet" enjoyable. TGC's Mercer Baggs, "Bagg Check", seems to be following this series "A Busy Day on Planet Daly", "The Skinny on Big John". Gotta love those Lexus RX courtesy SUV's for the players there.

The Golf Channel, so far, is doing a great job showing JD in his true form and I'm sure there were better stuff too, but that's on the editing floor somewhere. New episodes air on The Golf Channel (TGC) on Wednesday nights.

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