Sunday, January 22, 2006

Introduction..of sorts

After reading numerous golf blogs, does the golf blogdom/blogosphere need another? Probably not, there are so many good ones right now (,,, ) why bother..? Thinking about the whole idea it came down to 2 reasons I wanted to start one:

One, as a New Year's resolution, I am making an all out effort to become a better player this year (in relation for all the time and money previously spent). By keeping a blog I think it will push me to fulfill this hearty task.

Two, I feel compelled to share with the world what your average, hard working, golfer experiences on and about the golf course. All the trials and tribulations your average public/municipal golfer normally deals with. I'll also try to make an attempt to keep up to date with the latest/coolest trends that I may run across on my journey.

A little about myself: I'm married with 2 kids and have been playing golf, on and off, for about 15 years. I really do have a passion for the game, however, my ability may not reflect this. I have had the opportunity to have played courses in New Mexico, Nevada, California. Although I don't have an "official" USGA index, I am working on getting one this year. If I have to say right now I would play around to bogey golf, but am no stranger to a "blow up" round.

Although I'm not begginer, I'm not a "player" by any means. I can't promise you the best advice or tips when it comes to playing but I can guarantee you I know what not to do. I don't belong to a private country club but I'm just your everyday working hack that wakes up, grabs a Yum-Yum coffee, and puts his name on the waiting list to get a round in.


Greg said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! I enjoy reading (and writing) about folks who are working on improving their game. I'm also interested in getting the kids involved (I have two as well, ages 3 and 5).

I'll be sure to browse on over to check on your progress.

Good luck and I hope blogging helps you reach your goals,

Anonymous said...

Good to have you onboard GN! I'll put your site up on Eat's blogroll ASAP