Saturday, January 28, 2006

Field General Callaway..

I finally got to play a full round today with the new set. I showed up as a single and eventually got on about 7:30 am. It was extremely foggy in the morning but burned off by the time I teed it up. My first opportunity with them was a at about 150 yds . This shot is a normal 7 or 8 iron for me depending on conditions. I went with the 8 iron and hit it flush. I noticed that the trajectory seemed fairly low and actually seemed slightly lower than my previous set. I went to the Mizuno site and the Callaway site to compare lofts and low and behold! the lofts on the X-14 Pro Series were stronger than the MP-32! I couldn't believe it. I assumed it would be the other way around, but after being able to compare the 2 sets and with iron specifications of each set, the truth is now told..Callaway's, X-14 PS, are player irons.

Although both irons share the same loft, 21 deg., with their 3 iron, that is where the similarities end. The X-14 PS 4 iron is 23.5 deg. and the MP32 is 24 deg., 5 iron is 26 deg. vs. 27 deg, 6 iron is 29 deg. vs. 31 deg., 7 iron is 33 deg. vs. 35 deg., 8 iron is 37.5 vs. 39 deg., 9 iron is 42 deg. vs. 43 deg., PW is 46.5 deg. vs. 47 deg., respectively. An absolute surprise, but it made sense from what I saw on the course. Also I am running Rifle 6.0 on the X-14 PS and, with the tips being stiffer with the bore-thru technology, thus probably providing even a slightly lower flight path.

There's this one very short par 3, 120 yds., to the center. I usually use a PW when I had the MP32, so I did the same today with the X-14 PS. I hit it flush and it went all the way back of the green with a little check and roll to the left..about 130 I'd say. Fortunately, it was a blue flag and I ended up about a foot left of the hole. It felt kinda fat when I hit it and I asked my playing partners to see if I'd hit it fat and they said it was clean. One thing I'm beginning to notice with this set is that the ball seems to "spring" off the face fairly quick. I'd say probably because of the weight of the irons which feel slightly heavier than the MP32's, but either way an effortless feel.

I ended up playing pretty good today and shot an 86 (par 70) . I attribute this to my driving which was pretty on today and was playing fairway golf for the most part. My errant tee shots were just high pushes that weren't in bad shape. One thing I also noticed with the X-14 PS, and probably with the other Callaway irons, is that it moves through the rough very well. I had a couple occasions where I decided to punch it out with a 5 iron. They both came out perfect with excellent distance control. I landed both of them back onto the green for regulation. I remember I couldn't do this as often with the MP32. It was a little more difficult because the iron seemed to get caught up on numerous occasions and I had no idea as far as how the ball would come off the face of the MP32. It was either just out or too hot and passed the intended target. Another "plus" for the X-14 PS! They are excellent to chip or punch out with. Overall, these will stay in the bag for a long time.

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