Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been playing with the MX-25 for a few years now and I've had no complaint about this fantastic set.  I've played with numerous sets throughout my golfing career, but the day I tried out the MX-25's..I was in love..again.  My introduction to the Mizuno family was way back when the T-Zoid Pro's came out.  I have to admit I was no where near the skill level to use these, but I had nothing to lose as well.  I was determined to become better to be able to use them..and eventually..after a few years..I was shooting in the low 80's on a consistent basis..and they felt like everyone who is familiar with the Mizuno forged feel can attest to.

So here forward..and I'm back with my first love.  The MX-25's off the bat and without a doubt are the most softest feeling set of forged irons I've ever tried.  Literally, if you hit your shots on the button they feel like you're hitting marshmallows..and who doesn't like doing that..right?

Well, after a few years I was at a crossroad.  My current MX-25's were getting beat up (I did get them used) and I had been furiously doing my own analysis of current Mizuno set out right now.  I ended up testing a set of JPX-800 PRO's.  At first glance they are gorgeous looking irons and have the identical headsize as my beloved MX-25's..and they're forged (unlike the JPX 800)..a must for me.  The satin finish is oh-so-beautful as well.  They have a little less offset than the MX-25, but nothing to scare me away.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving and in this case it was.  I got to play a few rounds with the JPX 800 PRO's and have to say they are much less forgiving than anticipated, compared to the MX-25.  They had that nice Mizuno forged feeling when you you made good contact, but the feeling was a much tighter and firmer feedback I'd expect from Mizuno.  I wouldn't say it was "clicky", but a muted version of that.  They did seem to have a penetrating flight but I'd say that has alot to do with the stronger loft and the firmer feel.  Either way the JPX 800 PRO's are a lot more to chew than expected coming from the MX-25's..which I think is still a much better feeling forged iron compared to the JPX 800 PRO.

Alas, I just got the MX 200 and althought I haven't tested them out yet, these are to be the EXACT replacement for the MX-25.  Even when I hold them side by side to each other..they are mirror opposites..less the new graphics (which some people have taken off) which I tend to like..the true Mizuno blue.  Once I get to play with the MX 200 I will let you guys know of the results.  But if looks are anything, oh wait that didn't work before did it?, well these MX 200's look like the twin brother/sister to the MX 25.  Stay tuned!!

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