Sunday, January 23, 2011

WAM Golf!! Please change your domain name..deadbeat!


One thing that really pisses me off is when you have other people jumping on a name just to get their search engine rating up.  An obvious case in this is with this guy that runs WAM Golf Blog (I had it url'd but no more free rides for this scab..just Google my name "Golf Nomad" and you'll see this pathetic slim-ball's's unluckily beneath my blog)  Iwould not be so angry if he had any other name, about having your domain/url say "WAM Golf Blog"..besides using "TheGolfNomad" c' came up with that all by yourself..right?  His url that has my name in it has no relation to his content. 

It's apparent that WAMMO is using my name..yes..Golf his domain to get free traffic..what a loser and a scab.  Please, be a man, get your own traffic to your site and not ride my coat-tails.  If you have any questions you can contact me..THE ORIGINAL GOLF NOMAD (not you) anytime.


Mike Leopold said...

That does look pretty blatant. I wonder why he did that? The keyword term 'golf nomad' is only searched for 480 times per month...very low.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I sent him emails numerous times, and he knows he's in the wrong. It's always easier to imitate than innovate these days.