Sunday, January 04, 2009

Natalie Gulbis works!

I used to watch the Natalie Gulbis show on the Golf Channel. I was happy when she finally one her first tournament..think it was the Evian Masters in France. I'm not sure if they still show episodes of her show or if if there are new ones out.

I happend to watch this one episode where she was talking about her pre-shot routine. Anyway, she said when you tee the ball up (driver), visuallize the WHOLE area (from the top of the tee'd up ball to the point where the tee goes into the grass) as your sweet spot.

This made so much sense to me and helped out immensely. I'm sure, at least I did, that you focus on hitting that itsby-bitsy ball at the bottom, right? Well, why not focus, not on just that little white thing, but the whole area from the top of it to the bottom..? Imagine hitting a softball on the ground..easy 'huh?

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