Sunday, November 09, 2008

World Golf Tour..the video game!

I used to play video golf with the "Links" series on my old Xbox. It was actually quite awesome with the ability to manipulate so many things as far as the actual play was concerned. You could alter the way your player looked and as far as how much spin you were going to put on the golf ball. The images were also pretty awesome to boot. Well, I just had the opportunity to play a similar game but online at World Golf Tour.

I'm not a fan of downloading complex game files and never go beyond this when it asks me no worries here..NO DOWNLOADING play it straight from their site. They must have some kick-ass servers/connections as everytime I've played it's been perfect and without a hitch.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. The presentation of the site is awesome and extremely fast. The pictures of the game below are exactly the way they look when you I have played it numerous times today.


You can create a player profile and also compete with others around the world. I have only played the "closest to pin" skills challenge and it is uber-fun. The controls are very easy. You basically click-drag your mouse up to load your player's power and then click when the power marker gets to the middle..or at least try to..obviously the closer you get to the center the more "perfect" your shot will be.

It seems the game is in the "beta" stage, but a few things I'd like to see them incorporate in the future would be:

-Ability to manipulate spin on all facets of the ball, not just vertically as it is right now.
-Ability to manipulate swing path.
-Closer zoom angles on the green surface, with possible grid lines.

Either way, World Golf Tour is extremely enjoyable and keeps you coming back for more. I can't wait to see what courses and functions they'll add later. Hit 'em straight and out of the thick stuff!


Greg said...

Two of the three features you hope for are standard on the best golf game out there (imo).

It's called "Shot Online" and it's free. Way better than TW series, more difficult.

Check it out and look me up.


Golf Nomad said...

eww..but you have to download their software right?

Greg said...

Yes you do. Check it out. I've been playing it for a couple years... Well I started a couple years ago... but recently picked it back up.

Loads of fun. Play with real people. Easy to find a game any time. Nicest people ever involved in a massivly multiplayer game.

I'm just a blogger who enjoys it.