Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Russell Houston

Russell Houston creates by far some of the coolest and funniest golf paintings/drawings I've seen. I love the Norman Rockwell-esque story each picture conveys of the famous cowboy golfers. The stoic nature of the cowboy trying to maintain composure in a "oh-so" humbling a game. I'm not going to describe each one..check them out for yourself. (Click on the picture to get a much better image!)

This one below is my favorite..I love how the swing is broken down..the "Ben Hogan" swing for the cowboys.

Here's their site, The Art of Russell Houston, if you're interested in checking out the other pictures. I've placed an order for the calendar and a print of the cowboy swing.

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Anonymous said...

That third one is what I would call a pucker putt. And, yes, I know just enough about golf to know it ain't a putt.