Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fog Sucks.

I got out yesterday to play a round and it was foggy as hell.  I "was" o.k. with it, but that stuff was not burning off.  It was foggy for the front nine holes and you couldn't see past 10 be honest it sucked.  I was then thinking of getting smacked right in the head by a golf ball from people behind us, as they for sure were not going to see us in the middle of the fairway.  

You had to literally guess where the green was when you got into striking range.  I have played at this course a dozen times, but when you can't see past 30 feet, it sucks.  I ended up hitting everything really short, on the side of caution, but it just wasn't anywhere as enjoyable.  I'd rather play in a downpour without any rain gear than play in this thicket of fog.  The second half of the round was perfect, but not being able to see the front nine holes wore me out..mentally.  


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