Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Wanna Bet?

Just played in Las Vegas last week and as it happens to all of us..we’re out there with our regular group getting ready to tee off and then someone blurts out “Longest drive for a buck?”. KA-CHING!! Bring it on!! Usually, in my regular group, this is already a part of our betting by-laws and no need to bring it up these days at the start of the day. We usually play skins but with a limit up to every 6 holes and then the skins tally would reset again for the next 6 holes and so on..we’re wimps.

I have to admit though that playing skins does get boring (I guess it depends on who’s winning and losing right?) and we started implementing various side bets along the way and utilize a “dot” for each win on a bet a player won. We give each “dot” a numerical value and toward the end of the day multiply each "dot" per dollar(s) value agreed to upon from the beginning.

For example, someone may throw out a side bet and say “Up and down for a dot?” If one of the other players bite then it’s on! Basically, if you can get up and down then you win a “dot” from each player who bet against you. If you can’t make the up and down then you have to pay out a “dot” to each person. You can just about make a side bet on anything these days..the opportunities are endless. We automatically add automatic "dots" on “draino’s”, which basically are anyone who can put it in the hole in one stroke from a agreed upon distance from the hole..obviously tap in drainos don’t count for squat.

Something with playing golf and Las Vegas that go hand in hand..anyway for further reading check out this casino guide.

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