Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Papa's Got a Brand New..Camera Bag?

I finally took the plunge and got a Nikon D90 DSLR. I've always been a photo-geek and love taking pictures as much as I can. I've always admired great photos and the feelings they invoke. Another reason I upped my "game" was that my point-and-shoot got destroyed while I saved my son as he was flying down a hill on his Razor Scooter..imagine trying to stop a sidewinder missile coming right at you..not pretty. I saved him but my little digi-camera didn't fare so well.

Anyway, here are some photos I took, with the Nikon D90, of my putters which are in fact up for auction on Ebay, if you're interested:

TeI3 Newport Long Neck (sorry, I'm keeping this one..need at least one to play right?) - Similar to the regular TeI3 Newport but this one has an extended neck thus creating a swing for folks that are straight back and through..interesting huh. It's more faced balanced for a blade style putter.

Newport Beach "Asian" 34/340g - It's called an "Asian" because this particular model was only produced for the overseas/asian market. Not sure why Scotty Cameron didn't think us Americans wouldn't enjoy a 340g headweight as EVERYONE seems to like them. But either way, you can't buy them retail in the states.

Studio Select Newport 34/360g, Circle-H shaft - This one has the dual 20g weights on the bottom of sole thus creating a 360g headweight. They designed a "beefier" shaft called the "Circle H" to accomodate this headweight. The Studio Select's are probably one of the softest feeling OTR (Off The Rack) putters that Scotty Cameron has designed yet.

Circa 62 #3 "Asian" 34/350g (actually more rare than the regular Asian of 34/340g) - This one is sweet. The 34/340g version is what makes these the "Asian" variety, BUT this one comes in at a hefty 350g headweight. I've personally seen only one other around. The feel is superb and soft. (I may actually keep this one)

But going back to the Nikon D90, I've noticed that the pictures are great and very detailed. Even in the photo above you can still make out the mill marks. I love also being able to control the DOF, Depth of Field, with the DSLR and the creativity it allows. Kind of the same reasons I like golf..there are so many things that can go wrong to produce a wonderful shot.

Anyway, there's a great Flickr Group, Nikon D90 Club, that caters toward D90 users. I also placed their site badge on the sidebar..chek them out! Good people..very knowledgeable. If you are still on the fence on deciding to go's the way to go won't look back.

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