Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Swing Academy

I was posting on one of my favorite golf forums and saw that a member said there was a site where you can upload a video of your swing and have it analyzed by others. I took the plunge and did just that. I don't think it offers a video url yet, but here is the regular url to see my swing in action:

My Swing at Swing Academy (

The site is one of the best places to see your own swing online. The BEST thing is that it's way it's much faster, actually incrediblyfaster, to upload at the Swing Academy site than onto YouTube or etc.

The online uploading function will tell you if your video is too large. Once it's uploaded then you will need to edit it, super easy, into a 4 second video display loop. This 4 second loop will be your final uploaded swing video. The Swing Academy site has this "slow - fast" feature (marekd by a turtle and where you can slow down your swing to really see what's going on. It is uber-cool! It's similar to the CBS "hub-vision" swing video they show of the PGA players during a tournament.

I used Windows Movie Maker (it should come pre-installed as part of your OS) to initially edit my video footage which I took on my digital camera's SD card.

Swing Academy does appear to be a new site and still trying to get up and running. I was trying to post on their forum message board but I kept getting an error message. You can also view numerous videos of other players and can comment and analyze them. If you're serious about getting better, you definitely need to check out your swing and see what's going on.

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