Thursday, November 02, 2006

The X Factor..

I just got an email today from Callaway Golf, I'm on their mailing list..sorry..not a staff member, and it was introducing the new X Hybrid. It looks great and much better looking than the Heavenwoods. I don't know too much about them yet and still checking up on it.

As we set about designing the X-Hybrid we worked to incorporate and build on what we learned from our first two hybrid designs, the Heavenwood Hybrid and the FT-3 Hybrid. This hybrid has a slightly different loft progression, with each hybrid having one degree more loft than previous offerings. This new loft progression, combined with the Center of Gravity (CG) location, makes it easy to get the ball in the airand stop it on the green. The relieved area on the back of the sole was designed to reduce turf drag and the rails were added to help stabilize the head through the turf. -Callaway Golf R&D

It's quite a coincidence that I'm looking to trade up my current hybrids and would love to try these out. I have to start making my

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